Why Riviera in Croatia

As of 2022, Nautika Centar Nava has joined forces with Riviera to offer top luxury yachts and maritime excellence on the Adriatic and in Croatia. These vessels combine elegance with comfort and performance. As a renowned Australian brand, built on precision and innovation, Riviera aligns perfectly with Nautika Centar Nava’s commitment to superb customer satisfaction.

Together, we deliver the world’s finest boats and yachts, sharing a belief in quality, innovation, and water passion.

Riviera: Crafting Marine Masterpieces

Originating from the stunning coast of Australia, Riviera has become a global leader in luxury boating. The brand’s meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to quality match the values of Nautika Centar Nava. Riviera offers a diverse range of boats that can be used for a multitude of purposes, ranging from leisure voyages to thrilling adventures. Each Riviera yacht is a masterpiece with top performance, aesthetics, and cutting-edge technology.

Croatia is Boating Haven for all Riviera Yachts

Croatia’s enchanting Adriatic coast, graced with pristine waters and picturesque islands, has captured the hearts of boating enthusiasts around the globe. It is a destination with fascinating history and nature, just the perfect backdrop for cruising adventures. Croatia’s rather unspoiled natural beauty and cultural richness invite all Riviera yacht owners to create amazing itineraries and explore these inviting waters. Riviera’s designs are famous for enduring even in the most challenging seas, so Croatia’s predominantly calm weather conditions, especially in the warmer months, promise a long and safe boating season to Riviera yacht owners.

A True Partnership

The partnership between Nautika Centar Nava and Riviera signifies the fusion of two companies passionately committed to achieving boating excellence. The shared commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that every cruise is not only exceptional but also leaves a lasting impression. Nautika Centar Nava’s notable understanding of the Croatian market, coupled with Riviera’s engineering marvels, guarantee an remarkable boating experience. By owning a Riviera yacht through Nautika Centar Nava you get much more than just a vessel – it’s an invitation to a world where luxury meets adventure.

Chart Your Voyage with Confidence

At Nava, delivering extraordinary vessels is just the start. We are committed to making your boating journey effortless and carefree, before, during, and after the purchase. Allow us to assist you in:

  • Model Selection: customizing the perfect boat according to your preferences, whether it’s for leisure, exploration, or thrilling adventures.
  • Transaction Management: Assisting you throughout the entire purchase process, consulting on financing options and finding the best one for you.
  • Exploring Charter Opportunities: Offering valuable insights and recommendations for yacht charter management, providing detailed income-cost calculations to help you decide if this is how you would like to cover some of the boat ownership costs
  • Legal Guidance: Handling essential aspects like registration, insurance, and financing.
  • Boat Personalization: Enhancing your yacht with amenities that complement your style and needs.

Embark on Your Riviera Adventure

Elegant Riviera adventures under the glittering sun on Croatia’s turquoise waters await. Nautika Centar Nava and Riviera invite you to explore the Mediterranean’s treasures aboard a luxurious yacht and fill your days with passion and excitement. With Riviera’s legacy and Nautika Centar Nava’s dedication, every cruise becomes an unforgettable adventure. Join us and discover the enchanting world of Riviera boating – an experience that transcends the ordinary.

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